The 'Horsemeat Collection', Deanes Restaurant

10:12 Brian John Spencer 0 Comments

It all began with one tweet. A single tweet led to a commercial wine label, an art exhibition and several further works and more wine labels. I explain in more detail here in my 'The Artist's Journey' series here and here. The cartoon above led to the 'Horsemeat' collection, and you can see the six pieces below:

This then led to the creation of the large Decano Man, which you can see from start to finish here and here.

Then to a large canvas of Michael Deane turned Matt Groening yellow.

The 'Horsemeat' collection and the pieces above then led to the 'Chez Deaneo' wine label.

Then to the prosecco label.

Then to the Malbec label, a wine for meat.

I also produced a 3-part series of Michael Deane alternatives canvases, including the one below.

This all led to two large wall installations. The first explained here.

And the other wall installation here.

And also social media avatars.