Drawing big groups!

19:04 Brian John Spencer 0 Comments

Someone asked me on Twitter if I could draw a big group of people. And straight away I thought yes. Of course I do. I thought every one knew, because I'm always doing it as of late. 

But maybe I'm not telling that story properly and to the best of my ability. So I spent half an hour and went back and collected all the group cartoons I've drawn at Live Drawing sessions. 28 in total. But there's probably more out there. So this will be the start of another organic process. 

I created a few individual sets with multiple examples in each over on Tumblr. See here: http://t.co/Ia9AQqnfsa here: http://t.co/N92mHvrIdf and here: http://t.co/viG9g7HZ6D

Any way, this post includes all those examples and will stand as the first of hopefully many posts with examples of my group drawings.