Live Drawing - Christmas Party

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I was at a Christmas party and took on the task of entertaining the kids with my grand selection of pens, pencils, crayons, felt-tip pens and paper. Below are some of the cartoons I produced as well as one of baby Henry.

Tough Mudder Charity Team

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Above is the cartoon. Below is the original photo. I did this and the cartoons below in the Live Drawing style within the hour. 

Live Drawing - DUP politicians

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I spent the Saturday of November 23 2013 with the Arts Council NI at the DUP Conference drawing politicians and the proceedings. To see a selection of my drawings of the proceedings click here. To see a selection of my drawings of the politicians click and see below.

Also see my blog post on drawing Edwin Poots here.

QUB Literific Debate

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Northern Ireland secretary Theresa Villiers delivering an address to the QUB Literific Debating Society
Full selection of sketches of the debaters, including my cartoon of Theresa Villiers below left.

#DUP13 Conference

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The Arts Council Northern Ireland asked me to come an draw DUP politicians and delegates at the DUP Conference 2013. See my drawings at the Arts Council NI workshop day at W5 in the Odyssey Belfast here.

St Joseph's Craft Fair

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Less sweaty, stinky, lumbering politicians. More nice, polite little children. On Sunday 8 December I was doing live drawing at Saint Joseph's Primary School in Crumlin. As you can see from the picture above it was like being trasported back to my primary 4 class of 1994/1995 - Lots of kids enjoying the euphoria of a good cartoon!

I lost count of how many cartoons I actually produced. Tried to take a picture of every piece but missed a few. Click below to see a sample and selection of pieces from the day. Enjoy.

Live Drawing - Pub Guys

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A doodle of some guy I met in the The John Hewitt bar in Belfast. More doodles of his mates below:

Thriftway 2013

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Mukesh Sharma asked me to come along to the Thriftway 2013 Christmas party at the Crumlin Road Gaol. Above and below you can see a selection of cartoons I did of the attendees during the proceedings.

Civic Conversation, Belfast

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The above pencil and pen sketch with colour is my interpretation of the below: